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It takes less than 5 minutes and helps a lot!

Request a public hearing today

It is critical for everyone concerned about the discharge of wastewater into Onion Creek to submit a letter to the TCEQ opposing the City of Dripping Springs' wastewater discharge permit, and to request a public hearing.   

Below are step by step instructions on how to submit your letter to the TCEQ online, or through mail.

Letters to the TCEQ opposing the wastewater discharge permit can also be mailed to the Office of the Chief Clerk, MC 105, TCEQ, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087.  

To get started electronically, click here:

Step 1: If you click on the link above you should see this image:

Step 2: Enter in the Permit Number: WQ0014488003 and then click next. You should see this screen:

Step 3: Fill out your information, and request a public hearing in the comments box. Here's a sample guide to go by:

To whom it may concern,

My name is ____________. I own property in the City of Dripping Springs at ________.

I am writing to in regards to the City of Dripping Springs’ Wastewater Discharge Permit, and would like to request a public hearing on this permit. The proposed permit is No. WQ0014488003.


I am opposed to TCEQ issuing this permit because....INSERT REASONS WHY YOU’RE OPPOSED TO THIS


PERMIT AND WHY ONION CREEK MATTERS TO YOU. (Examples: I live along Onion Creek, my grandchildren swim in Onion Creek, potential environmental danger, ruining the natural beauty of Onion Creek)

Please include me on the permanent mailing list for this specific application.

I may be reach by phone at _________, or you may contact me by

Then click submit to TCEQ.

If submitted correctly, you will see this screen: 

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